AHA Capital is an emerging independent asset manager focused on managing customized investment strategies for private individuals and institutions. Based in Singapore, the firm is building a strong team of investment professionals to help build and scale a platform of objectives based strategies across the private and institutional space. We are seeking individuals capable of wide reaching responsibilities with a primary focus on developing, researching, building and managing customized investment strategies, whilst also getting involved with the operational side of building and scaling an exciting new business. See below for current openings, or feel free to drop us an email at for general enquiries.

Quantitative Analysis & Technology

Our quantitative analysts and technologists are an integral part of the firm, who spend their time intensely focused on understanding and analysing different sources of risk, optimising the platform, helping generate efficiency in everything from research, strategy development and live portfolio risk analysis, through to front-to-back operational streamlining, maintaining data and model integrity all whilst thinking strategically about scaling as the firm grows.

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Portfolio Management & Trading

Our portfolio management and trading team are dedicated risk professionals who strive to view the world through a differentiated lens. Vehemently focused on controling risk while seeking performance, the team actively manages bespoke investment strategies for sophisticated investors. While research and analytics are core to the culture, the firm operates an open collborative environment where team members are encouraged to challenge views across a flat organisational structure. Simplicity is key in a complex world.

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Marketing & Distribution

Our marketing and distribution partners are dedicated problem solvers and educators who seek to address client investment problems using the firm's proprietary investment processes and strategies. Solutions oriented, the team is focused on understanding client investment needs and actually delivering smart solutions to investment problems rather than simply pushing product.

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