customized strategies for sophisticated investors

Drawing on a bench of experienced derivatives professionals, AHA Capital specializes in managing customized investment strategies for sophisticated investors.

viewing the world through a different lens

Through objectives based discussions, we take an alternative approach to solving common investment problems by continually questioning traditional portfolio theory.

taking advantage of proprietary research and technology

AHA Capital uses proprietary approaches to technology and analytics driven by large complex data models to identify key risks to client portfolios.


We offer equity replacement strategies that generate better risk adjusted returns than traditional long-only equity investments. Strategies can be deployed across liquid benchmark indices and single stocks


AHA Capital's flagship strategy is focused on harvesting structural imbalances that persist across equity options markets, whilst controlling for drawdown risk. The strategy is both long and short options


Employing the right hedge, at the right time, at the right price is tough. We offer dynamic tail risk hedging strategies that are designed to continually hedge against significant equity market stress


AHA Capital works directly with clients to customize strategies that are objectives based and focused on risk optimization, including hedging strategies, strategic asset acquisition and disposal.

About us

AHA Capital Management is an independent asset manager specializing in customized investment strategies with a specific focus on drawdown management. Our strategies are centered around harnessing volatility to provide equity replacement, income generation and tail hedging strategies for sophisticated investors. Volatility is often misunderstood; we're on a mission to change that.

“ Traditional portfolio theory simply does not extend to derivatives / non-linear securities, therefore we must re-write the rule book. ”